December 8, 2015, Last Friday we loaded up a bunch of Veterans organizations and supplies and made a wild run in a perfectly restored US Army 5 ton troop carrier and trailer to deliver much-needed supplies to Camp Alpha for over 25 Veterans camping in tents in a dirt lot here in Phoenix.

It was both a ton (5 tons) of fun and very heartwarming to meet many of their needs and more.

Local news stations also showed up and did stories on Camp Alpha’s temporary residents.

We are all working to help transition these Veterans (including male and female Veterans) into regular housing with furniture and household items.

Cash donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank Branch under the name RecFX Foundation (memo Camp Alpha).

Materials can be donated directly to Camp Alpha 16th Ave. and Hatcher or by contacting RecFX Foundation at 602.460.6436.

Despite what many politicians tell you, there are still a LOT of homeless Veterans around the country.

Please do what you can for them this Christmas Season and winter.