Executive Team & Board of Directors

Executive Team & Board of Directors


Executive Team

Matt Augee – Founder | President | CEO | Programs Director

Atalie Gafford – BaseONE Warehouse General Manager | Deconstruction

Ray Johnson – BaseONE Warehouse Projects Manager

(Pending Shortly) – BaseONE Warehouse Director of Operations

(Pending) – M.F.L.C. Director

Judith Hatch – Veterans Advocate | Assistance

Sheryl Sullivan – CPA | Finance


Board of Directors

Matt Augee.- Chairman Programs | Development | Military & 1st Responder Liaison

Judith Hatch – Vice Chair | Treasurer Veterans Advocate | BaseONE Projects

Jim Mengeringhausen – Secretary Finance | Programs | Development | BaseONE

(Pending) – Member BaseONE Warehouse | Operations | Project Management

(Pending) – Member BaseONE Charitable Projects | Operations | Project Management

(Pending) – Member BaseONE | Development | Military & 1st Responder Liaison


Matt Augee

Founder, President & CEO

As the organization’s Founder | President | CEO, Matt is the driving force behind the development and growth of the RecFX Foundation, its programs and divisions like BaseONE Charitable Projects and BaseONE Warehouse .

Matt’s ability to push the organization’s vision forward and continuously develop innovative, interactive programs and services that are the key to the past and current successes and measurable results of the foundation.

​Matt’s infectious passion for supporting service members and their families has inspired countless others to join in the effort. Matt believes that keeping the service member families stable, in tact and in service is imperative to the success of our Military and 1st Responders both in service and in their individual families after service.

Not properly caring for them is NOT and option!

Over the last 36 years, Matt has pioneered forward-thinking in innovative and counter intuitive programs, camps, counseling, training workshops, interactive events and experiences, recreation product inventions, organizational structure and initiatives.

He is a rule breaker…unwilling to serve the status quo.

With a background in business, imagineering, functional innovation and architecture, he has helped countless other organizations and companies with significant breakthroughs in their own function, new products | services and effectiveness.

Matt invested years in higher education covering a broad range including Architectural Design, Business Administration and even Theology, but his hands on applications and practical experiences are what he values most.

His background in inventing, developing and manufacturing recreation based products taught him the value of learning through creative, interactive, and engaging experiences and applications.

His specialized innovation | recreation work and his own years of service have taken him throughout the United States (48 states plus Guam) and numerous countries including the Philippines, Micronesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa, Cape Verde Islands, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and of course…Canada.

Matt lives in Phoenix, Arizona.