Deployment & Reintegration Events

About Our Deployment & Reintegration Program


Our deployment & reintegration program supports MDTs, 1RDTs & their families as they face the
pressures & stress of daily & long term deployment cycles.

We have re-designed this program (similar to Yellow Ribbon Reintegration and DRT Programs) and are very excited about this program’s positive impact on Military and First Responder families, especially their MDT’s and 1RDTs!

For many years, the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program has supported the needs of our National Guard & Reserve military families before, during, and after deployment cycles.

Though many of these events are still available, the YRRP program’s funding has been greatly reduced by the DoD with limited events until there are more deployment cycles occuring.

Our Deployment & Reintegration Program stepped in to establish and fund a reintegration program designed specifically for U.S Military and 1st Responder families with teens struggling with family member daily or long term deployment and all fo the overwhelming adjustments that come with it.

Pre, during, and post deployment family reintegration is are a major issue for most Military and 1st Responder dependent households. RecFX Foundation has decades of experience developing and leading programs designed specifically for MDTs, 1RDTs and their families. ​

Our program, far more than the old Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, supports a rich, in-depth curriculum built specifically for MDTs, 1RDTs, Military, Service and 1st Responder family members.

It is a rich and robust cirriculumn that is age specific, daily and long term deployment specific, uses intentional experiential activities, integrated active debriefs and post event support elements.

Each event is followed up by a full AAR and observations.

With a massive amount of experience in these events and MDT, 1DRT and Family support, RecFX Foundation far surpasses all expectations for supporting and leading these deployment and reintegration events.

Deployment and Reintegration programs are held at a variety of facilities throughout the country. During the one to two day course, MDTs, 1RDTs and their families will experience 8 to 16 hours of interactive learning activities, support counseling, and mentoring that will help them effectively process and handle the adjustments needed before, during and after deployment.

We work with MDTs & 1RDTs through The Seven Stages in the “Emotional Cycle of Deployment”

Carole Gnatuk, Ed.D., Extension Child Development Specialist, University of Kentucky, says that there are seven distinct stages of emotional challenges faced by Military and 1st Responders families during and after deployment—and that failure to successfully negotiate each stage can create havoc for the family.



The Stages in this “Emotional Cycle of Deployment” are:

Stage 1: Anticipation of Departure

Stage 2: Detachment & Withdrawal

Stage 3: Emotional Disorganization

Stage 4: Recovery & Stabilization

Stage 5: Anticipation of Return

Stage 6: Return Adjustment & Renegotiation

Stage 7: Reintegration & Stabilization


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