Family Life Counseling

Military & 1st Responder Family Life Counseling (MFLC)


When a family service member deploys domestically or overseas, it can be a confusing, emotional
experience for any MDT, 1RDT and family members…and we are here for you every step of the way!


How Does the Counseling Program Work?

Our versatile program does not rely on a single approach. Depending on the specific needs of the MDT, 1RDT and family, we provide everything from formal counseling sessions with regular meeting times to the occasional check-in phone call and email.

We create case-by-case plans depending on what each MDT, 1RDT and family needs.



Remember, all communication between the MFLC’s and MDTs | 1RDT’s and family members is 100% confidential. No one else will have access to this information unless you give them permission.

We’ve got your back!



Our professional MFLC’s (M-FLACKS) are a free service for all MDTs, 1RDTs and their families.


Connecting People Together

Sometimes, MDTs and 1RDTs just need a way of getting plugged in to the community.

That is our speciality. We will pair up MDTs and 1RDTs with a mentor that will work with them to choose which programs and services we offer works best for them such as our surf and water sports camps, ocean adventure camps, M1R-TLPs, retreats, service projects counseling and more.



We focus on the important issues that are impacting our MDTs and 1RDTs.

Our Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC’s) have expertise talking through and developing plans for MDTs and 1RDTs for issues including struggles with parents, siblings, school, peers, girlfriends | boyfriends, sex, alcohol | drugs, grades, monthly | jobs, deployment stress, reintegration, self-identity and more.

No one, especially MDTs and 1RDTs, are meant to wrestle these important issues alone!