Teen Leadership Project

Military & 1st Responder Teen Leadership Project (M1R-TLP)

M1R-TLP events are designed to develop MDTs and 1RDTs into true leaders, giving them the opportunities
to practice those leadership skills with their peers while serving others.

RecFX Programs and Services are Always 100% Free to All MDTs and 1RDTs Ages 12-18, Teen Siblings of Military and 1st Responder Personnel, and other U.S. Government Agencies Defending Our Country.


Weekend M1R-TLP Leadership Retreats

A weekend of leadership training & working with other MDT and 1RDT leaders from throughout the military and 1st responder community.

Learn and apply leadership skills in ways that will impact friendships, family life, and the community.

Friday to Sunday retreats which involve 15 to 40 MDTs and 1RDTs per retreat.

Held at US Military bases or professional facilities.

Retreat Dates for 2020 – 2021: The next available weekend retreat will occur in Prescott, Arizona in April 2020. Winter and Spring dates TBA.



Summer Travel M1R-TLP Leadership Camps

Travel throughout Arizona and California through our comprehensive program which focuses on innovative challenges, overcoming adversity, and service.

Week long leadership summer camps involving up to 24 MDTs and 1RDTs.

Includes camping, exploring military bases | other professional facilities, and learning about various local organizations, service, and challenging encounters.

Interactive experiences which force collaboration and growth.

Camp Dates for 2020: The next available summer travel camp will occur in June 2020 and starting in Phoenix, Arizona.

The summer travel camp is an exciting multi-state adventure which will include activities in Arizona, California and Nevada.