February 18, 2016, Brandie Beane’s Friends & Family Baby Shower is set for 3/20/2016 at 12:30 in Cave Creek.

Brandie is a post 9/11 Petty Officer 3rd Class and was SeaBee EA Engineering Assistant and Surveyor with 8 years of stellar service in the U.S. Navy with deployments in combat zones.

She went into the Navy right after graduating from High School.

Service life is all she has known.

She separated from the military to move back to Arizona and on the way here, her UHaul trailer was stolen with all of her belongings. Brandie is pregnant and due in July. with a baby girl.

Brandie left Virginia to drive across the country on Sunday, January 31st, hauling her entire life in a 5′ x 8′ UHaul trailer attached to her truck.

After uneventful stops in Tennessee and Oklahoma, our last stop was the Homewood Suites at the Albuquerque airport.

Unfortunately, when she went out to leave this morning and make the last leg of our journey to Phoenix, she realized that someone had stolen her trailer.

Her entire life, all of her belongings were in that trailer.

Her friends in VA had thrown her a baby shower, so all the gifts for her baby girl, Cadence Riley (due in July) were in the trailer.

In addition, her bed, all of her clothes, and her other belongings.

The saddest part of this is that they stole all of her military items – medals, commendations, uniforms – some of these things being irreplaceable, specifically written commendations from her service in Afghanistan.

Although Brandie would never ask for a handout, I’d like to do anything I can to help her get a truly fresh start.

She literally has her truck and the clothes on her back.

We want to help bridge the gap from military life to civilian life, to rally around her and help her through this time.

Her GoFundMe page is now over $8,500 and rising.

She is able to afford a house with her VA loan.

Veterans for Veterans has stepped in and are donating a bedroom set, dining room set, and a living room set.

A lot of other veteran organizations are stepping in with us.

She is going to need this money for future use and the costs of raising a child and being a single parent.

RecFX Foundation / BaseONE, Team Rubicon, Veterans for Veterans, Red Cross Service to Armed Forces, Operation Enduring Gratitude and Team Red, White & Blue are going to rally around Brandie and have a baby shower “On Steroids” for her!

This is for men, women, and children!!

She does not need a crib.

She will register for the baby items she still needs.

If anyone from any Arizona Veteran Families organizations would like to be involved, just send me a PM and I will fill you in on the venue.

This event will be held in Cave Creek on a six-acre ranch property, with activities for everyone.

From the baby shower gifts and huge potluck eating to playing with goats, chickens, and dogs, a playground, a sports court, basketball, VolleySquare, foosball and more.

There will also be free Jennifer Adams Home Brand bed linens for all Veterans attending!

Please come and join us in supporting Brandie and her baby girl!