Stories of People We Have Helped

Judith Hatch

She spent 30 years in the U.S. Air Force and is a member of Arizona’s Veteran Hall of Fame.

After a monsoon storm damaged her roof and side of her house, Judith reached out to her insurance company (Armed Forces Insurance) for assistance and to pay for the repairs.

They only purchased a new air conditioner for her, but refused to cover the costs of the holes in her roof and wall.

Jack Cooper

On Sunday, July 6th, 2014, 20 yr Navy Veteran Jack Cooper’s house burned down from an electrical fire that started in his garage.

Jack lost most of his worldly possessions, leaving him with no place to live.

Jack is currently living in an old 20′ travel trailer loaned to them by a family member.

His recently expired homeowners insurance would not cover the damages, so he was left to restart his life at 77.

Jennifer Brownell

Jennifer Brownell lost her husband, Paul Brownell, in a tragic accident when two small airplanes crashed midair.

Paul, a former member of the U.S. Navy, was an experienced and respected flight instructor and the Director of Standardization at Transpac Aviation Academy.

At 37 years old, Paul left behind his wife and his two pre-school-aged sons.

Paul was an active member of his church and everyone who knew him considered him a passionate, humor-filled man who brought his best to the table every day at work and with his family.

Marine Staff Sergeant Ron PurvisRon Purvis

U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Ron Purvis lost his home during a fire two years ago.

This tragic accident forced him to live among the rubble in a tiny trailer surrounded by his livestock.

We have joined other Veteran support organizaitons in stepping in to help him clean up the property and build a new home.

Michael Fildes

Michael had a massive stroke January 2015 while out hunting alone.

He crawled to his truck but could not get in to get his cell phone.

So he laid under his truck in 5 1/2 days of rain until he was found. Michael is a 52 year old disabled Marine Veteran in Tonopah, Arizona.

Michael needs help with some back house payments from his recovery time.

The mortgage company is playing games with his loan and has been very dishonest.

Tammie Court

Tammie moved into her new home in Black Canyon City, Arizona in 2014 only to discover that most of the appliances within the home did not work.

During one night, the main water line burst under the sink, destroying her kitchen and dining, living, and laundry room.

For the past year, Tammie has been forced to cook for her family outside on a Coleman camp stove while her family lives in a single bedroom.

Unfortunately, since the home is older, her USAA insurance is not going to cover a lot of the damaged materials.

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor recently recognized and honored 5 of our Veterans for their substantial service to our country in a very special ceremony at the RecFX Ranch.


These quilts are INCREDIBLE and are made specifically for each Veteran honored based on their service and branch of service.