May 24, 2016, Natural disasters happen all over the world, and Team Rubicon ( has the right response dialed in.

With many of the RecFX Foundation staff and volunteers also being Team Rubicon members, we are supporters of Team Rubicon’s mission and were proud to host one of the critical Basic Sawyer (Chainsaw) Training events here on RecFX Ranch last weekend.

It was a great group of Veterans and trainers that got to camp out, train and take on 71 trees over two days covering basic chainsaw, cleaning, maintenance, safety and other vital skills when you go into a disaster area and face all kinds of hazards.

We worked mainly on a Navy Veteran’s property preparing it to become horse stables where Equine Therapy can be provided for Veterans and their families.

If you are a Veteran, First Responder or “Kick-Ass Civilian” you are invited to check our Team Rubicon and sign up as a member, do training and get actively involved.

And as always, you are encouraged to also get involved supporting and participating in the RecFX Foundation | BaseONE mission.