November 3, 2015, Tuesday afternoon we were honored to have WW2 Royalty at our house.

96 yr old WW2 Pacific Theater Army Air Corps Veteran Cecil Gaddy came by for a visit and to swap stories…which basically meant HE told the stories…funny stories…and they were AMAZING!!!

Cecil helped set up and operate the air fields that were built on small Pacific Islands for our fighters and bombers to launch from against the Japanese.

He was assigned to the Black Sheep Squadron of the famous Ba Ba Black Sheep and TV and movies!!! This guy is part of serious history!

I first met him when I was shopping at Home Depot 2 weeks ago when he was picking up concrete bags (yes, he was doing concrete work) and I helped load his SUV for him.

We talked for 40 minutes outside and I came away so inspired and full of hope from the Greatest Generation!

His daughter Denna was 32 yrs in the Marines and Air Force, too.

What a priviledge to have them in our home, especially on Veteran’s Day Eve.

So honored and can’t wait for more time to sit and listen to his stories, because it turns out he is my neighbor less than a mile away!

Love on our WW2 Veterans while we still have a few of them left!!